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About Global Total Security Solutions

Global Total Security Solutions is a website owned by Beneden Security Fitness Systems Limited and also a subsidiary of Beneden Nigeria Limited.

Beneden Security Fitness Systems Limited was incorporated on the 28th June, 2013 and Beneden Nigeria Limited was incorporated 31st July, 1996.

We have been engaged in the importation of security Gadgets and equipment from different manufacturers Companies in USA, Russia, France, Germany, China amd other Asian countries.

We have been into security equipment provider for international allied Governments, Law enforcement Agencies, Strategic Defence to Government and Corporate Organizations globally.

We are highly committed to supply our customers with customized solutions that meet all their security advanced threat detection solutions.

Our products lines and solutions boast the very best and latest technology in anti-terrorism, military and safety supplies.

Our company set to satisfy global clients such as Military, Governments, Defence, Aviation, Maritime, Peace-Keeping and other Private Organizations.

We have expert consultants and technical engineers to see that our security products and protection services for Corporate Organizations, Governments and Civilian Customers are of high standard.



We are in partnership with Manufacturers of security Gadgets and Equipment in USA, France, Germany and USSR to distribute to our numerous Clients to safeguard lives and properties.



We provide global total security solutions for governments, military, Law Enforcement Agencies, Personal Protections.



We provide sales, maintenance and installation of the following security gadgets and equipment.

  • Occupied Vehicle X-ray inspection systems
  • Hand Held Explosive/Narcotic detections
  • Mail Scanners
  • Luggage Scanners
  • Walkthrough Scanners
  • CCTV and Internet Protocol
  • Electric Security Fencing
  • Turnstile Security Gate systems
  • Bollard Security System
  • Under Vehicle X-ray inspection system
  • Advanced Armor and Balistres
  • Stun Guns products
  • Safety items
  • Walkie Talkie Communications Radio
  • Video Door Phones Systems
  • Car tracking system
  • Fire Fighting equipment system