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SCANWEDGE Ultra Portable X-ray Unit


In response to the increased need for security checks of suspicious or unattended items, we have now introduced an inexpensive robust flat panel x-ray imager.

Developed specifically for portable x-ray screening in tough law enforcement and cod environments, scan-wedge has a unique flat panel design which allows it to be used in even the most confined spaces. Scanwedge can be used (rom different orientations and produces high quality x-ray images.

Because safety, robustness and speed of use were some of the key concerns for eod and police operators, scanwedge is specifically designed with these features in mind, for the safety of operators and others in the vicinity. scanwedge is used with the well tried and tested golden x-ray generators, and does not rely on hazardous generators containing pressurized or toxic gases. For speed and safety, scanwedge images are sent immediately to a laptop so that operators do not have to re approach a potential suspect bomb to retrieve film or imaging plates. For increased robustness, scanwedge contains no moving parts or a fragile component which makes it ideal for use in tough field environments.