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Backscatter Multi-Energy 8880BZM Percel Scanner


Generous tunnel size, a shorter footprint and the power and precision of Autoci ear’s patented multi-energy backscatter X-ray technology come together in the 8880BZM. Rapid, accurate and easy to use, the high performance 888G BZM penetrates deeper into parcels and bags to give operators better decision-making data more safely and more rapidly than similar systems.
This system is an essential tool for detecting military-grade, homemade and liquid explosives, lEDs, ceramic and composite weapons, gems and minerals, currency, banned organic matter and narcotics.
The 8880BZM operates from a single generator, computer, software set, LCD and HV power supply, reducing lifetime costs of ownership, MTBR and maintenance over similar systems.
Reduces image clutter rapidly and effectively
Cross-enhancements expose potential threats
Color twin views aspear on a single screen
Improved ergonomics and automated operator features over traditional backscatter cabinet systems