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PASGT Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA


The PASGT Helmet is specifically designed for Law Enforcement personnel. To this end the materials and manufacturing have been tailored to offer excellent bullet resistance with
minimal back face deformation.

  • The harness is a brand new design which offers superior stability and comfort and also uses four bolts. Ballistic performance to Nh IIIA.
  • Very high fragmentation protection with a V50 well over 2150 ft/sec (650 rn/sec.)
  • UHD molding technology with blunt trauma up to 50% less than conventional products.
  • Lighter weight - at least 15% less than standard products.
  • Superior comfort wit the latest internal harness design.
  • Improved head stability with a unique 4 point harness.
  • Shock absorption against low velocity impacts. Certified to EN397.
  • NSN PASGT 8470-01-092-7526