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SecPro Superior Service tactical Gloves Black Nomex IIIA


When you have important work, outdoor or tactical situations to be completed, SecPro Superior Black gloves are your best choice. These large gloves are designed to take
whatever you need to get your hands on or in, and see you through safely to the end. Your hands are one of the most important parts of the human body, so spare no expense
in their protection. Your choice in operational gloves could mean the difference between coming home with ten fingers, or fewer.
These gloves are constructed from the highest quality leather and Nomex Ill materials for the most durable wear that you can purchase. Careful construction protects every
inch of your hands, while securely stitched seams create a multiple-piece design along the length of each finger for maximum comfort. Nomex Ill, a strong and fire resistant
material, is used throughout these gloves due to the quality of thermal and chemical protection it offers while still being flexible enough to allow your hands to move in a
natural manner.This natural movement allows you to work as though you weren’t wearing gloves, providing all the grip and strength that you would expect from quality