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Diamondback M.U.S.T Close Quarters Shield


The Multi-Use Shield Technology (Close Quarters) Shield or MUST CQ is designed to provide mobile protection in tight spaces. At NIJ-O1O1.06 level lilA this light weight shield provides a high level of ballistic protection while minimizing the carrying weight. The special notched shape mimics the proprietary MUST shield design of our larger shields allowing the operator to comfortably return fire from a protected position.The large viewing port provides ample visibility through the shield while still providing ballistic protection.The tapered design gives the operator more room to maneuver and is less likely to catch when moving through narrow spaces like a bus or airplane aisle way. The MUSTCQ is available with or without lighting capabilities.
The M.U.S.T SHIELD is one of the industry’s most versatile, high-performance ballistic shields. Constructed of high-performance uni-directional polyethenlene ballistic material and an environmental and spall-resistant polyurea coating, the M.U.S.T. Shield is available in level
lA and level Ill. Utilizing the same technology as the M.U.S.T. shield, the M.U.S.T. CQ (Close Quarters) shield offers the same great protection in a mini form for use in close quarters such as buses and attics. Both shields are offered with an array of options including removable
feet, LED Strobe Light System and a shield bag.