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FlatScan-15 Portable X-Ray Scanning System


Quick and simple to deploy, the system produces high quality real-time x-ray images for rapid and accurate decision making.
The detector panel is positioned behind the target; the generator is placed in front. The scan is activated from the laptop imaging station.
The FlatScan-15’s 297mm x 206mm imaging area enables the operator to scan typical bags and packages in a single scan. Penetrating up to 29mm steel at 120kV and 40mm at 160kV the FlatScan-15 produces sub-millime-tre resolution images.
A range of sophisticated image processing functions, including materials discrimination, pan, zoom, DeepFocus stitching, 3D Emboss, measurement and annotation, coupled with FlatScan’s high quality images enables the operator to interpret the image quickly and accurately.
FlatScan’s software can also communicate the image to a remote command centre and save images in JPEG and other common file formats. 3DX-RAY is now uniquely offering a 3D-Ready module which will provide operators with a 3D (stereoscopic) image.